This is our check-in site for the BB-Weekend-sessions and BB-tournaments Edit

  • If you need assistance, send an email to gschiwy(at) --> replace the (at) by @ (this is just to ensure that no web-robot is automatically picking up my email address.). Or wrodriguez(at)
  • Editing of the Sunday-checkin page should be possibly by everybody (no restrictions) - please just click on "Edit", add your name(s) and click "Publish", do not change the rest of the page if not necessary.
  • If you believe you should have edit-rights on this Wiki, eg for maintaining the League- or Tournament-pages, please drop me a line at above mentioned email-address. If you could indicate for what team you are playing, that would be great.

I hope it is straight-forward for everyone? Just add your name to the list in the "Edit"-mode and "Publish" once ready. Thanks, and see you soon !


Confirmed for Sunday, 17.02.2019, 12:00 - 14:00 Edit

How does it work ?

  • Registration is mandatory !!!
  • 'Everyone' needs to show a valid, official ID when entering the premises.
  • Under "Wiki Content" just go on the "Sunday Checkin"-page, click on "Edit" and replace the text by your first + last name and indicate in brackets that you are a guest. Once finished click on "Publish"!
  • If you are not 100% that you can make it, please add your name starting from the bottom (indicating also the probability...if possible)
  • We may not have a "guest"-only session. So if less than 2 home-players are registered, the session is automatically cancelled unless otherwise stated - sorry about that house-rule.
  • Please NO check-in editing after Friday 18:00 !!! In this case, try to contact me directly gschiwy(at) or 06-40272829 ! Otherwise you might have trouble getting on site and in the gym.
  1. Georg Schiwy (home)
  2. Maurice Ajanaku (guest)
  3. Dainius Lazauskas (guest)
  4. Nicolas MAURIN (guest)
  5. Justin Kabika (guest)
  6. Jimmy Beldineau (guest)
  7. José Kukulu (guest)
  8. Ivan Dimitrovski (guest)
  9. Dimitar Dimitrovski (guest)
  10. Elvedin Begovic (guest)
  11. Daniel Dunaretu (guest)
  12. Lito Gonzales (guest)
  13. Nicolyle Gonzales (guest)
  14. Jeremy Gonzales (guest)
  15. Vernon Sloop (guest)
  16. Sanford Smith (guest)
  17. Jaedee Pangilinan (guest)
  18. Jay Pangilinan (guest 50%)
  19. Jorge Villacampa (guest 50%)
  20. Victor Vishnyakov (guest 50%)
  21. Caroline Bövingloh (guest 50&)
  22. Boštjan Lamesic (guest 50%)
  23. Erol Gavaz (guest 50%)
  24. Alain Freddy Nduwayo Mfubusa (guest 50%)
  25. Please insert your name above, starting from the bottom if you are not 100% sure that you can make it !

Guest List (non-player --> spectators)

  1. Mia Beldineau (guest)
  2. Enter Name (guest)
  3. Enter Name (guest)
  4. Enter Name (guest)
  5. Enter Name (guest)
  6. Enter Name (guest)
  7. Enter Name (guest)
  8. Enter Name (guest)